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JACOB AKA KING JF AKA BREEZY HAS HAD A UNDYING LOVE FOR HIP-HOP THAT FOLLOWS THROUGH TO HIM IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE. JF STARTED HIS JOURNEY INTO HIP-HOP AFTER HE HEARD TUPAC’S BRENDA HAD A BABY. KING JF SINCE THAT DAY NEVER LOOKED BACK “I sit remember I was just a kid you know all I heard was rock or pop, then one day I just felt it hit me and Tupac changed my life I just felt all his words life was never the same” shortly after he heard Tupac JF found a cassette tape of none other then WU-Tang Clan under his seat of his elementary school bus “I was trying to hide from a girl who liked me you know I was a shy type and she super liked me so I wanted to hide and bam there it was I still remember when I got home I turned it one and pow I was addicted” Now all grown-Up and a man himself King JF in 2007 formed the group Oppressed Dynasty under the name JF Pimp where he worked with so many artist and even worked with great revolutionary Mutulu Shakur. “People don’t know this but because of Mutulu until now I’m still able to talk to and work with artist I used to listen to in my tape decks, I was unable to work with Tupac himself but I was able to speak to many of his family and friends including The Outlawz and now I have Tracks with Wu-Tang Clan and even a Member of the 10th Chamber of Brooklyn Zu it’s like wow dreams do come true” in hiphop JF music and life is always compared when he was a kid to Vanilla Ice which is one the Main Reasons he changed his name to Breezy, after “Ice, Ice Baby” and now even more so he is compared to Eminem “I used to hate it” he states going to perform at shows and people say oh it’s Eminem” as he laughs thinking about them days “But now Ssshhhh being compared to great rappers to goats means that they think I’m a goat and that makes me proud I never knew music would take me this far and as of now I’m happy”
Breezy’s favorite quote is “Even when life is hard if you have a dream never ever give up, because dreams are all we have that is free and everyone gots to have a dream”

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    01. Larger Then Life (feat. Nemacis of NPS)

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    Kenny Bass

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